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Elite Case Management


elite Case Management is your number one source for online, on-demand case management training and professional development for healthcare professionals.

Our Committment

The goal of elite Online is that any participant who completes a course will have attained the knowledge and course information to assist them with various fields of practice within the case management industry.
Case management training prospects will immediately become conversant and collaborate with providers, patients, families, and the multidisciplinary healthcare team to move patients appropriately along the continuum of care.
The case management training is intense; fast paced, and involves interactive group activity, teamwork, and daily real life case analysis.
  • ​elite Case Online exists to empower the nurse or healthcare worker to confidently transition into case management. The training workshops will provide a practical approach with interactive sessions, real life case analysis, tool kits for on the job use, and will awaken the critical thinking process which is necessary to problem solve most any case management situation.
  • ​elite Case Online course objective is for the  participants to leave the training with a clear knowledge of the case management process.
  • ​elite Case Online participants will receive the most up to date information about case management. Case Management is an area of healthcare that is constantly changing to adapt to the changing health care crisis.
  • ​elite Case Managers will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure that a patient’s care is coordinated so that the transition to home is planned with the necessary services in place to establish a stable home as well as to assist him/her in keeping compliant with the plan of care.
If you ask an elite Online participant “What is case management?” You will have your answer in 60 seconds.

elite Case Management was founded by Sanders & Associates, a Northern California healthcare consulting firm established in 2003. In 2012, Sanders & Associates founder Pauline Sanders recognized the massive change the healthcare industry was soon to embark, and developed a case management training program designed to meet the industry's demand for qualified case managers.

After a well received launch, students demanded more, and elite Case Management went back to the drawing board to meet those needs. In 2013 elite Case Management launched elite Online, an online, on-demand training and professional development website designed by a healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. 

At elite Online, our instructors have over 250 years of combined nursing, healthcare, and case management experience. Our combined efforts have produced several courses focusing on the various needs of the case management professional. Each course and training module is designed to offer a realistic approach to performing the task and duties delegated to the case manager in a number of roles.  

Each elite Case Management instructor and course facilitator must attain over 20 years of practical nursing and 5 years case management or subject matter experience. 

Our Mission

The mission of elite Case Management is to provide practical and effective case management training and professional development to fully prepare each participant for a successful career in the field of case management.

At elite Case Management we take a detailed approach to training. Our number one goal is to ensure our participants are trained and well prepared for the field of case management. Properly trained case managers reduce hospital and facility cost while increasing the healthcare professionals value. It is this philosophy that sets elite Case Management apart from our competitors.

As the online leader in case management training and development, the future is bright for elite Case Management and elite Online. We strive to continuously develop courses and content meeting the needs of case managers worldwide and the patients and communities they serve.

"In the future, case managers will work in every healthcare environment where there is a transition of care: skilled nursing facilities, long-term acute-care hospitals, home care agencies, and hospices...As patients move from one level of care to another, they need to know what to do in order to be successful at the next level"

- Case Management Advisor, December 2011